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This painting is a merging of Knucci’s flower and vertical lines symbolism along with the incorporation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Golden Ratio proportions to create a visually stunning display. The flower represents personal growth and development. When examined closely, the viewer will notice the letter “i” at the bottom of each flower. This symbolizes that the flower is a reflection of both the artist, as well as the viewer of the art piece.


The vertical lines carry a message of the attainment of inner freedom through conquering life’s challenges and obstacles. The colorful lines represent prison

bars. They represent the literal prison bars that the artist experienced during incarceration and are also symbolic of the many challenges and obstacles that we all face in our daily lives. Whether we face financial, health-related, or family issues, the artist chooses to represent these “prison bars” in a colorful fashion because he wishes to communicate that these obstacles should in fact serve as a catalyst for fighting through and finding true inner freedom.


Finally, the golden ratio, which is prevalent in this work, is a proportion of dimensions that Leonardo Da Vinci discovered occurs everywhere in nature. Due to this phenomenon, we are subconsciously attracted to things that are in these proportions. The artist chose to work with a canvas that is in the proportions of the golden ratio (50 X 81” in) and also displayed his flower in a white space that is in the proportion of the golden ratio, which creates a subconscious attraction and sense of beauty for the viewer of the piece.


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